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16008 / August 20
Anonymous was like:
Do you know how bad that is for your skin?? You shouldn't be proud of that tan, you should be horrified! Tanning is skin cells in trauma,,, it greatly increases your chance of developing melanoma. Cancer cells can spread through your body and multiply in major organs. Your tan is not healthy or fun or exciting. Your tan just increase your chance of getting cancer......


6 / August 20
Anonymous was like:
is that you in the picture with the bed looking out the window?

i have 0 idea which picture ur talking about

3 / August 20
Anonymous was like:
Whoa tan game so strong you became another ethnicity #impressive

thanks 8-)

2 / August 20
Anonymous was like:
how do you get music on your tumblr? pls answerrrr :)

6 / August 20
pretty bummed summers almost over but damn good work
335 / August 20
Anonymous was like:
how do you know glitter.fumes on Instagram? the majority of her photos feature you

yeah lol thats kayla shes the coolest

3 / August 20
Anonymous was like:
what college are you think of going to?

not sure but maybe nyu?

6 / August 20
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Perry Ellis 1992
8851 / August 20
Anonymous was like:
are you a positive person? if so then how do you manage to be positive

well someone at my school made a gossip page and described me as ‘negative and that basically sums her up’ or something like that lol so idk but lately ive been trying to be more positive and clearly that ass didnt notice but my friends have so again im not the best person to ask but idk i just focus on the better things in life and i listen to a lot of good music and that always puts me in a good mood. just dont get caught up in the things that make u sad like find the root of that thing and either accept it or rip it out of the fucking ground cause ur like a god

27 / August 20
Anonymous was like:
opinion on what is going on in ferguson?

i think its horrible and it scares me that my mom is following what colors are ‘in’ this fall and not whats happening over there.

10 / August 20