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Anonymous was like:
What's your YouTube?

0 / July 31
Anonymous was like:
Whats ur youtube channel

i actually have no idea

1 / July 31
Anonymous was like:
This might sound confusing, but how do you like, know what you're drawing? Do you always have to look at something while you're drawing it? I want to be able to draw things without looking at the actual object but it's hard for me to imagine what it looks like. Do you think it comes naturally to be able to draw something without directly looking at it, and can you do that? Hope that makes sense lolol

haha i feel you, i always look at something when im drawing otherwise i wouldnt be able to draw as accurately as i do

0 / July 31
Anonymous was like:
I watched your youtube vids and they really really helped me. Can you make more? Thanks, love your art :)

i will when i have some freetime :-) and thank you!

3 / July 31
i remember painting this on the airplane to new york in february
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Steffy at home.Paris june 2014
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Anonymous was like:
did you meet luke davis??

yess! he bought me candyy

1 / July 30
Anonymous was like:
how do i make a guy kiss me

slip him a benji

10 / July 30

11-2-13, the jacket will be available in our etsy shop sometime soon

i think its been a year and i still havent listed that jacket
32143 / July 30
Anonymous was like:
What do you think is easiest to draw with? I've been starting to draw face features and want to start portraits, but I'm not sure what would be best to use

id say either charcoal or graphite (like a quality 4B+ pencil)

9 / July 30
Anonymous was like:
weird question; have you ever smoked weed hah

i have not

5 / July 30
Anonymous was like:
you're really fucking pretty

aw thank you booo

5 / July 30